Dear Friends,

On March 3rd 2007, Professor Claude Lapras passed away; it is with the deepest regret that I have to send you this announcement.

Claude was one of the founders of ESPN and was appointed in 1994 as President of the Society. He organised our biannual congress in Lyon that year and everyone who participated will recall his hospitality and the gala dinner in a famous 3 stars restaurant. He was also an active and appreciate Member of the ISPN. Unfortunately, Pediatric Neurosurgery has just lost an important part of its history. Claude passionately loved his job, gave fundamental scientific contributions to our specialty and was considered a Master, constantly available in giving out his advice and help to all of us, particularly to young Neurosurgeons. Training was a important part of his activities and he acted as faithful faculty member of the ESPN course that he organised himself in 1995 near Lyon.

We all remember Claude with deep affection, as a friend that wee will truly miss. Personally I remember him not only as a Neurosurgeon, but also as a fond passionate of mountains and skiing, a refined connoisseur of art. I will deeply miss our conversations together.

Ciao Claude!
Carlo Mazza