Dear ISPN members,

2006 has been a very special year for me since, last September, I’ve been appointed President of our Society. The ISPN has celebrated its 34th Anniversary: A long time since that small group of enthusiastic pediatric neurosurgeons decided to establish a Society aimed to support and develop Pediatric Neurosurgery worldwide. We have been through a long path but we can now proudly stand for a Society that is now internationally recognized and esteemed.

Nevertheless, a lot remains to be done and, for that, we need the contribution and support of each and everyone of our Society members by attending the Annual Meeting, submitting articles to our official journal (Child’s Nervous System) and, last but not least, paying our membership fees. These latter are not of secondary importance, because contribute to financially support our Annual Meeting as well as Educational Courses organized by the ISPN throughout the world. From this perspective I feel very much indebted to our Treasurer, Dr. Spyros Sgouros, for his efforts to fix most of the pending memberships by stimulating all members to regularize their position. The prompt and high rate of positive feedbacks he received confirms your support to the Society.

I would like also to take this opportunity to thank all the colleagues who have enthusiastically taken the responsibility to organize the very successful ISPN Courses: Dr. Tomita, dr. Steinbok, Dr. Wong and especially dr. Schijman to whom goes all the affection and solidarity of our Society.

Please visit the ISPN web page for all coming information on future events. I look forward to meeting all of you in Liverpool next September, at the 35th ISPN Meeting organized by dr. Paul May. It will surely be a great meeting and a new opportunity to share our experiences, make progress in our discipline and enhance our friendships.

Wishing all the best to you and your families for the New Year, see you in Liverpool,

Carlo Mazza

President of the ISPN