This is to remind you, that we are still looking for experienced professionals in the field of pediatric neurosurgery to join our ISPN Pediatric Neurosurgery Mentorship Program as Mentors!

Join the program as a Mentor if:

  1. You are an ISPN member in good standing.
  2. You are a consultant / attending 5+ years in pediatric neurosurgery.

The role of Mentors will be to:

  • Help younger trainees to better understand Pediatric Neurosurgery practice in order for them to take into consideration Pediatric Neurosurgery as their interest in the clinical practice
  • Guide more experienced residents and starting staff neurosurgeons in their way to improve their practice in a specific field of interest in Pediatric Neurosurgery

Practically Mentors will inform Mentees contacting them about:

  • Educational material (i.e. scientific publications)
  • Educational Courses in their field of interest
  • Fellowship programs at their Institution or connected Pediatric Neurosurgery Centers

They will also stimulate them to:

  • Share with them cases they admit to their Institution
  • Educate them in the process of preparation of a scientific publication
  • Introduce them inside the ISPN and other Pediatric Neurosurgery Societies they take part to.

How to apply

All Mentors appliers should send a Bio-sketch (main CV details and link to publications) via email to the Diversity Inclusion Equity (DEI) and Mentorship Committee with a note on their main field of interest in Pediatric Neurosurgery.
You may send your email to – the Chair and Co-Chair of Diversity Inclusion Equity (DEI) and Mentorship Committee (Dr. Zulma Tovar Spinoza and Dr. Eylem Ocal).