We are entering a new phase in our Clash of the Titans series! Our next sessions, rather than a pro & con debate, will provide a broader perspective covering the nuances on a controversial topic in pediatric neurosurgery.

Join us on Friday 22 July at 1PM GMT for session XXI in the ISPN Clash of the Titans webinar series:

Non-accidental trauma

  • Introduction on the new phase of the series – ISPN Guidelines with experts – Rick Boop (United States)
  • Introduction of the Clash of Titans: Non-accidental trauma – Nelci Zanon (Brazil)
  • Introduction of the Moderator, Mark Dias – Jeffrey Blount (United States)

Moderator: Mark Dias (United States)

  • Diagnostics of abuse can be certain? Matthieu Vinchon (France)
  • Different perspectives on the whole – Tina Duhaime (United States)