Now is the time to sign up for Module 6 of the ISPN medical students, residents & trainees education course. This module will cover pediatric head & spine trauma.

The program will provide sufficient time for questions and will cover the following topics:

  • Epidemiology and pediatric trauma prevention – Guirish Solanki (United Kingdom)
  • Subdural and extra dural hematoma management – Jehuda Soleman (Switzerland)
  • Cerebral concussion, update – Andrew Reisner (United States)

Q&A and discussion

  • Non-accidental trauma – Romina Arganaraz (Argentina)
  • Spinal trauma – SCIWORA – Lynne Lucena (Philippines)

Q&A and discussion

The session is moderated by Nelci Zanon (Brazil), Jeffrey Blount (United States) & Noor ul Huda Maria (Pakistan).

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