Dear Friends & Colleagues,

On behalf of the annual ISPN Meeting, it is our pleasure to invite you to the 47th Annual Meeting of the International Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery taking place in Birmingham, 20th to the 24th October 2019.
Neurosurgery has seen tremendous change with greater understanding, better techniques and improved outcomes in many areas. The development of foetal surgery, introduction of molecular biology to diagnosis and treatment in neuro-oncology, advances in paediatric complex spine, novel craniofacial techniques, epilepsy and better trauma care are some of these areas.

The annual ISPN meeting with its outstanding scientific content allows all of us to maintain pace with the rapidly advancing knowledge and improving standards of care. An equally important function and aspect of the annual meeting is the shared comraderie and re-kindling of international friendships. New ones are made, nurtured and rejuvenated with each passing meeting!
There is no better place than Birmingham, the 2nd largest city in the UK, a modern, connected city that lies right at the very heart of England! Birmingham is a city of culture and heritage with a dynamic energy that truly offers something for everyone.
From royal ballet and international art collections to premiership football and international cricket, golf courses, world-class theatre to world-class cuisine, breath-taking scenery, the city and its surroundings is one of the great European destinations.

With one of the youngest populations in the world, a track record of bringing together great minds to develop ideas, share inspiration and drive change, Birmingham is the place to be for high thinking and innovation.

Birmingham is a dynamic city, that brought the industrial revolution to the world. The pace at which it is changing is bewildering and epitomises the continuous desire of its people for positive change and a better life! The city is well known for its world-class shopping, and is brimming with culture, artists and musicians and science! There is something for everyone, young or old!

Twenty-five years ago, Birmingham hosted the 22nd ISPN Meeting in 1994. The meeting was chaired by Tony Hockley. To have many of his friends and colleagues back in Birmingham, will allow us to highlight and celebrate the life and achievements of one of the most well-liked and respected paediatric neurosurgeons, who we lost so unexpectedly in 2009.

The City awaits your arrival to charm and enchant you and we warmly welcome everyone to Birmingham in 2019!

Guirish A SolankiĀ 
Chair ofĀ the 47th AnnualĀ Meeting of the ISPN