Below you can find an overview of upcoming ISPN educational courses.

In 2020-2021 the ISPN held a series of virtual education courses, in order to continue their educational activities during the pandemic. In 2022, we were happy to be able to return to the in person education courses.

ISPN Education Course 2024 – Yerevan, Armenia

The ISPN Education Course 2024 Yerevan, Armenia will take place from 23-25 June 2024. Find out more > And register for this course >  

ISPN Education Course 2024 – Lima, Peru

Save the date! The ISPN Education Course 2024 Lima, Peru – Organized in collaboration with ASOLANPED – will be held on 1-2 August in Lima, Peru.    

ISPN Education Course 2024 – Belgrade, Serbia

An ISPN education course will be held in conjunction with the Serbian Neurosurgical Society annual meeting. Save the date: 31 October-3 November 2024 – Belgrade, Serbia More information to follow soon!

ISPN Pediatric Neurosurgery Course 2024 – Uberaba, Brazil

This ISPN Pediatric Neurosurgery Course on 30 May 2024 preceeds the 20th Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for Neurosurgery (Academia Brasileira de Neurocirurgia – ABNc) taking place from 30 May-2 June in Uberaba, Brazil....

ISPN Education Course 2024 – Hyderabad, India

The ISPN Education Course 2024 – Hyderabad will take place from 4-6 July 2024. View the Course brochure > There will be a dedicated Nursing Symposium taking place on 6 July! View the Nursing symposium...

ISPN Young doctors education course – Module 7 – Traumatic brain injury

Our next ISPN Young doctors webinar will take place on Friday 28 June 2024 from 17:00-19:00 CEST. This month’s topic will be traumatic brain injury. Find out more about the program & register >

ISPN Education Course 2024 – Accra, Ghana

The ISPN Education Course 2024 – Accra will take place from 12-15 July 2024.