Over the years many internationally recognised pediatric neurosurgeons have made outstanding contributions to the improvement of neurosurgery for children worldwide. This may have been in areas of scientific advancement, clinical excellence, education or in their contribution to the improvement of global healthcare for children.

We celebrate some of these neurosurgeons in this corner of our website and over time we hope to create a fitting memorial to the memory of these giants of pediatric neurosurgery.

Prof. Michel Zerah (2021)

Michel Zerah

Mr. William Harkness (2021)

William Harkness poncho

Dr. Karl Kothbauer (2020)

Karl Kothbauer

Dr. James 'Jim' Goodrich (2020)


Dr. Robin Humphreys (2020)

Robin Paul Humphreys

Prof. Jonathan Peter (2018)

Jonathan Peter

Prof. Satoshi Matsumoto (2018)

Prof. Mami Yamasaki (2017)

Kobe, Japan

Prof. Anthony 'Tony' Hockley (2009)

Anthony Hockley

Prof. Claude Lapras (2007)

Claude Lapras

Prof. Edgar Schijman (2007)



Fred J. Epstein2

Dr Harold Hoffman (2004)

Harold Hoffman